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A bus ride from Jurong bird Park to River Safari Singapore


Jurong Bird Park


There is no bird in this park, which will fail to impress you with its looks. Spanning across 19 hectares of land and located in the West Coast of Singapore, this bird park is considered to be one of the largest in Asia. The park is housed to over 5000 different birds from over 450 different species. If you want to have an up close and personal encounter with these pretty birds, visiting the Jurong Bird Park should be on top of your bucket list. The Park organises feeding sessions for its visitors. Young or Old you will surely remain entertained thanks to the various shows organised by the keepers of this Park. The eagles, the hawks and the falcons show their mighty moves during one of the most prominent shows of the park known as the ‘king of the skies’. If all this is not enough for you also get the option of dining out with Penguins and Parrots. If you are travelling to this park along with your kids make sure to attend the ‘Birds of Play’ show. The Park lets you feed these magnificent creatures only during the active time. There is an informative commentary continuously playing over the speakers.


Singapore has a good network of roads and is very well connected. This makes traveling completely hassle free and convenient. If you are looking forward to visit all of the above places then I recommend you to travel by bus as not only will it save you some money but also time. Check out for quick ticket booking and awesome discounts!!


This park is also famous for organising sleep overs with the birds. With a state of the art breeding and research center many newly hatched birds start their journey on this planet through the Jurong Bird Park.


Bus No. 194 will take you directly to Jurong Bird Park.


River Safari


One of the least known places in Singapore is the River Safari. This Safari houses several monkeys and pandas as they gather around the parks waters. There is an adorable red panda here who is quite famous amongst the tourists. This one of a king river themed zoo is spread across 12 hectares of land. It features some of the best fresh water attractions of Asia. The Safari boasts of having 820000 visitors yearly. Home to over 4000 animals of 500 different species the Safari was open for the people in the year 2012. The Park has several animal exhibits. It is considered that the park has around 10 different eco systems of the world including River Nyle as well as River Tundra. The Safari also houses some endangered species of animals. A famous Panda couple here is housed in a enclosure which is climate controlled. The zoo is famous for cultivating its own 86000 square feet of plantation all by itself.


Bus Nos 927, 138 and 926 will take you to River Safari.


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