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LD-1020C Book Cutting Machine
Performance and characteristics
LD-1020C Book Cutting Machine is a high-tech book trimming machine with integrated variable frequency speed control system, photoelectric reader identification system and pneumatic positioning system.
This new machine is developed by Yiwu Linkage Machinery Co.,Ltd. which has specialized in making varieties of thin book production equipment for some manufacturing enterprises. The semi-automatic book trimming machine has the advantages of convenient and stable operation, high cutting accuracy, less investment, high efficiency with many applications. It is mainly used in the cutting and trimming of the post-press processing such as two-folds, three- folds, four- folds, five- folds of nailed, glued, sewed, and stitching books and other thin books.
It has low technical requirements for workers. Compared with the Three-Sided Trimmer and Paper Cutting Machine, this new machine reduces the thin books processing procedures, and greatly improves the processing quality and production efficiency.
Main Technical Parameters:
Cutting Length: Max. 1020MM
Cutting Length: Min. 360MM
Cutting Width: Max. 360MM
Cutting Width: Min. 130MM
Maximal Cutting Thickness: Max.15MM
Maximal Cutting Speed: Max. 60 Times / Min
Main Motor Power: 5.5 KW
Machine Weight: 5 Tons
Overall Dimensions (Length X Width X Height): 4300 X 2000 X 1700MM
Product ModelLD1020C Book Cutting Machine
Cut LengthMax 1020mm
Cut LengthMin 360mm
Cut WidthMax 300mm
Cut WidthMin 130mm
Cut ThicknessMax 15mm
Working FrequencyMax 60 cycles/Min
Main Motor Power5.5KW
Machine Weight5 Ton
Overall Dimension ( L X W X H )4300 X 2000 X 1700 Mm

Linkage Machinery is one of the largest LD1020C Book Cutting Machine manufacturers and suppliers in China for our high quality and competitive price machines as well as good services. Welcome to get the precise and customized machine made in China in stock from us.
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