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Front mounted ultrasonic parking sensor
LED indicator color description:
Red: occupied
Green: available
Blue: reserved
The Front Mounted Ultrasonic Parking Sensor is composed of ultrasonic sensor and Red/Green/Blue indicator, which is suitable to be installed at each parking space inside the indoor parking lots, the recommended location is paralleled with the driving lane and they should be hanged/mounted right in the front of the vehicle parking lines, the indicator changes between red, green and blue according to the parking spaces condition(occupied, empty or reserved).
All-in-one unit installation which could save cost and shorten the project period
It could work in ONLINE or OFFLINE mode
Anti-interference algorithm which sharply reduce the override interference and accuracy is up to 99.9%
Fashion design device makes the Red/Green/Blue indicator easily visible from all angle
Module No.GKA
Work mode Online(PC is on), or Offline(PC is off)
Work temperature-20 ~ +65℃
CommunicationRS485 @9600bps
HeightVertical 2 ~ 3m(2.5m is recommended)
Distance(car to sensor)Horizontal 0~1m(0.3~0.5m is recommended)
VoltageDC 10~28V(rate voltage: 24V)
Power consumption<2W
Net weight180g
Communication distance≤150m
MaterialGray ABS plastic
3 Specifications:  
3.1  structure of ultrasonic sensor(unit: mm)
Device installation
The ultrasonic sensor is installed above the car parking lines, horizontal distance should be around 0-1m/0-3.28ft at front direction, the recommended distance is around 0.3m-0.5/1-1.64ft, the height should be between 2-3m/6.56-10ft, the recommended height is around 2.5m/8.2ft, as shown as below diagram,
Daily maintenance
Please do not repair or move the equipment without the guidance of professional engineers
Remember to store all the parameters and files in case of data lose
Keep in mind to shut off the device before maintenance
Check the power supply for each device when it cannot work first due to shutting down the power supply by mistakesParking Guidance System factory
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