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alpha-diphenylenemethane is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon. It forms from white crystals that exhibit a characteristic, aromatic odor similar to that of naphthalene.
Located in Xiaoyi City, Shanxi Province, a province rich in coal resources, Jingjin Chemical annually extracts and processes 1,000 tons of fluorene from coal tar, increasing its sales in the past 11 years. Since entering the Alibaba platform in 2017, the company strongly promotes industrial fluorene products to overseas markets. We will be the best quality products, the most preferential prices and the most perfect service, so that more overseas customers understand Jin Jing chemical fluorene products.
Item Specification
Appearance Small white pieces of crystal
Molecular formula C13H10
Molecular weight 166.2185
CAS NO. 86-73-7
Purity ≥95%, ≥98%, 99%
Melting point 116-117℃
Boiling point 295℃
Flash point 151℃
Density 1.202g/ml
Solubility parameter (J·cm-3)0.5 21.646
The package of all our chemical products reaching up to the industry standard, we usually use kraft drums or woven bags for our powder state products.
1) High production capacity: Xiaoyi Jinjing Chemical is a factory to produce alpha-diphenylenemethane products for 11 years, and its annual production capacity is up to 3000 tons per year.
2) High purity: Because of 11-years manufacturing experience, there are three kinds of purity available for our alpha-diphenylenemethane products, Min96%, Min98% and Min99% for your choices.
3) Best price: As we are and factory directly supplier, we have our own mass production advantages to offer a relatively lower price for customers than the trading company.
4) Complete products series: We can provide its upstream products such as washing oil, coal tar oil, and its downstream products including fluorenone, fluorene methanol and other synthetic fluorene products.
alpha-diphenylenemethane can be used very widely in many fields, such as chemical industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, organic synthesis and industry material additives and agriculture insecticide and so on.
Depending on the degree of purification, the industrial alpha-diphenylenemethane produced by JINJING Chemical can be divided into 95%, 98%, and 99% of alpha-diphenylenemethanee at different prices and different usage.
Fluorene factory
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