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Product Description:
Model Number:GW17366
Weight: 23g
Size: 5*5*5cm
Material: Stainless Steel
Country of Origin:China
Fashion design,100% Brand New, high quality!
Easily Clamps Tight to Keep Tea or Spices Secure
Sturdy Clamp Holds Ball Together
Features a Chain to Suspend into Hot Beverages
Ideal for Spices or Loose Leaf Tea
Easily Brew the Most Flavorful Tea
Great for Hot or Cold Tea
Hand Wash Recommended
The product is made of stainless steel sphere surrounding the distribution
of water pore, a lot of functions.
Tea:Open the sphere. Into the tea, the fragrance of the tea spread out to
the simple, clean and practical. Tea into the sphere placed in the cup after
brewing, the tea capacity into the cup, allowing you to drink leisurely.
But also in the soup when all the spices packed in a stainless steel ball
made out of soup as delicious. When the soup to stay inside, leaving the
flavor to the residue, can also soup, stewed chicken.
But also into the camphor ball inside a role. Stainless Steel Tea Infuser factory
asked Jun 4, 2018 in Calculus by zwq88hm (300 points)

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