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Why is the rice need to be polished?
After rice shelling, it becomes brown rice. Brown rice removes most of the cortex and part of the embryo and becomes rice.
The surface of rice flour contains a small amount of powder, which affects the appearance and storage of the rice and the taste of the rice. Therefore, it is necessary to remove this part of the powder through a "polishing" process.
Polishing is one of the key processes of clean rice processing. Because polishing can remove the powder on the surface of rice grains, proper polishing can make the surface of starch grains gelatinized and show certain brightness. The effect of appearance is good and the value of the goods is improved.
The current popular polishing is wet polishing, that is, adding appropriate amount of water during the polishing process, so that the binding force between the endosperm and a small amount of rice bran remaining on the rice is weakened, which is conducive to thoroughly milling out the rice bran and improving the finish and polishing of the rice. Evenness, the amount of water is usually about 0.2% to 0.3% of the rice flow. Properly configuring the amount of water can effectively remove the powder, reduce the temperature, and reduce the increase in crushing.
SP series polishing machine structure as shown below:
Rice polishing machine main technical parameters
Capacity (T/h)4.5-55-5.55.5-6
Power (Kw)455575
Rotating speed730730690
Air volume (M3/H)2500-30003000-35003500-4000
Weight ( kg)160018002000
Size (mm)1974x900x23342374x900x23342689x900x2334Single Roll Rice Polisher price
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