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Goa is the ideal mix of Portuguese and Indian culture. It is the perfect excursion spot far from the bedlam and clamor of the city. Goa is best known for its stretch of shorelines along the Arabian Sea where one can watch the waves crash onto the sand. It is home to hundreds of years old pilgrim design, phenomenal Goan angle curry, and fluctuated vegetation.

Goa is best investigated without anyone else as it gives you the opportunity to visit zones according to your loving. With a rental car from car4hires, one of the best car rental company in goa, you can go to the less old shorelines of South Goa, visit one of the numerous National stops, or take care of business only for a Goan delicacy. Bike rentals are more well known in Goa and are additionally favored by vacationers. Be that as it may, it isn't the most astute decision when you're going with a group of friends or family. So here is your whole manual for leasing a car in Goa:


At the point when on an excursion, one spends the most on voyaging. Planes and prepares don't have any options, however once you are in Goa, you have many pocket-accommodating setting out choices to look over.

Hiring a car is a standout amongst the most savvy choices accessible to you.

Cars are accessible at a scope of INR 1000 every day and going up to INR 3000 or INR 4000 or higher, contingent upon the sort of car. Extravagance cars are very costly. The least expensive alternative accessible is Ritz, WagonR and Swift. Now and again, these costs are debatable relying upon the request and whether it is a visitor season or not. There is additionally INR 5000 security deposit on these self-drive rental cars.

Documents Required

In the event that you need to lease a car, you should hold a substantial Driver's License which is one to two years of age along. You likewise need to present your unique ID verification like Aadhaar Card, Voter Card, Passport which will be offered back to you after restoring the car. Outside sightseers need to give a duplicate of their Passport or even the first. Some car rentals don't acknowledge PAN Card as ID verification. Continuously keep a photocopy of the reports. A merchant may request it to keep up a record.

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