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12kV Vacuum Interrupter/vacuum interrupter of circuit breaker/vacuum tube/Ceramic vacuum interrupter/Interrupter of vacuum switch
Joyelectric International is a professional China manufacturer, supplier and distributor of 12kv vacuum interrupter in China, welcome to order 12kv vacuum interrupter products from our factory and company.
Our vacuum interrupter has glass or ceramic envelope, middle-seal or inner fixed shield and CuCr contact material. The optimized design of cup-shape axial magnetic field electrode makes its magnetic field distribution reasonable and uniform which can increase the stability of breaking capacity. The special conditionning process improves the insulating level. Vacuum has today largely replaced other arc-quenching media, such as oil or SF6 gas, for many switching applications in the medium-voltage sector.
§ Long life, high reliability and performance
§ Fast interrupting speed and short arcing time
§ Rapid dielectric recovery
§ High cycle withstand voltages
§ Environmentally friendly
Vacuum Interrupter (VI) Production Process
Raw material puchasing→Parts maufacturing→Cleaning→Assembling→Vacuum brazing→Vacuum degree check→High voltage aging→Coating→Final inspection
QC on VI before Ex-works
Vacuum interrupter after brazing→Appearance, dimesnions inspection→X ray tester to inspect inner structure→High voltage insulation test (power frequency withstand voltage, lighting impulse voltage)→Vacuum degree check→Leak test loaded by high pressure→vacuum degree check→Comprehensive tests (comprehensive parameter, withstand voltage, vacuum degree)→EX-WORKS
The vacuum interrupters can be used on VCB, mine, high speed rail and outdoor pole-mounted switch, etc.
Rated voltage: 12kV
Rated current: 630A~5000A
Rated short circuit withstand current: 20kA~50kA

If you would like a quotation or further information on the products, please fill in the form below and we will reply to you within 1 working day. Thank you for your interest to our products.
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