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Motor Assembly Line
Motor Assembly Line which is for assembling Motor,can be plus speed chain conveyor  and slat chain conveyor,consisting of assembling and testing .
Specifications As Follows:
1.Support:50*50*T1.5mm aluminum extrusion,equipping column support on each 2 mts;
2.Guide rail:118*100*T2.0mm aluminum extrusion;
3.Conveying Part: speed chain with flexible roll.
4.Instruction Board:support adopts 15*26 double parallel aluminum bars,in H acrylic plate.equipping with transparent A3 acrylic plate each mts
5.Tool Hanging Rail:support made of 28*30 aluminum,equipping with a set of wheel each meter;
6.Lighting:28w,T5 with cover daylight,continuous rank,section control;
7.Plating Bench :T15mm wooden board pasting fire proof,T shape cover.
8.Wire Slot: Equipping in the aging line and testing section.With conductive wheel A-02B,pitch 200mm.
9.40*80 galvanized wire slot:Equipping with socket on each m;
10.Air Pipe:3/4” galvanized pipe, equipping air cock on each m,
11.Feet:M16*80mm galvanized feet,adjustable height±30mm;
Line Surface: carbon steel powder coating.
Customized Specifications as Follows
1)The sizes of motor?
2)The production capacity.
HLX Motor Assembly Line Cases
Lihai,Huatianetc.Industrial Assembly Line
asked Sep 27, 2018 in Biology by momu261

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