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Key Locking Inserts Description:
Thin Wall Stainless Steel Key Locking Threaded Inserts
Key Locking Threaded Insert
Stainless Steel Key Locking Inserts
Carbon Steel Key Locking Threaded Inserts
Key Locking Thread Inserts are used in structural assemblies, such as castings and machined components .Thread inserts are used to repair stripped, damaged and worn threads or to provide thread reinforcement in a weaker parent material.  Key Locking Thread Inserts provide strong, permanent threads in virtually any material.  The insert's locking keys are driven down into the tapped threads of the parent material during installation creating a positive mechanical lock that prevents rotation due to vibration or torsion.
Key Locking Thread Inserts are available in carbon or stainless steel, both in inch and metric series. Thin Wall, Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty, and Solid insert styles are available separately or in kits containing a range of sizes. Installation tools are also available separately or in a range kit.
Key Locking Threaded Inserts  Features:
• Easy installation and removal
• Keys supply a positive mechanical lock against rotation
• Solid, one-piece insert construction provides a high degree of pull-out strength
• Installed with standard drills and taps

Material: Inserts Carbon Steel - C1215 or equivalent
Stainless Steel - 303 or equivalent
Keys 302 CRES or equivalanet
Finish: Carbon Steel - Zinc Phosphate
Stainless Steel - Passivated
Tolerances: ±.25 mm unless specified otherwise
Dimensions: All dimensions below are in millimeters
Keys: Inserts with an internal thread size of M 7and larger have 4 locking keys. Smaller sizes have 2 locking keys.
Metric Key locking Inserts- Thin Wall
Part NumberInsertInstallation
SteelInternal Thread
Class 6HExternal Thread Class 6gLength LTap Drill SizeC’sink Dia.Thread Tap
Size Class 6hMin. Depth
2595126351M 5x0.8M 8x1.2586.98.25M 8x1.259.5
2595226352M 6x1.0M 10x1.25108.810.25M 10x1.2511.5
2595326353M 8x1.25M 12x1.251210.812.25M 12x1.2513.5
2615326553M 8x1.0M 12x1.251210.812.25M 12x1.2513.5
2595526355M 10x1.5M 14x1.51412.814.25M 14x1.515.5
2615526555M 10x1.25M 14x1.51412.814.25M 14x1.515.5
2595626356M 12x1.75M 16x1.51614.7516.25M 16x1.517.5
2615626556M 12x1.25M 16x1.51614.7516.25M 16x1.517.5
Metric Keylocking Inserts - Heavy Duty
Part Number Carbon SteelPart Number Stainless SteelInsertInstallation
Internal Thread Class 6HExternal Thread Class 6gLength LTap Drill SizeC'sink DiameterThread Tap
Size Class 6hMin.Depth
2596326363M 4x0.7M 8x1.2586.98.25M 8x1.259.5
2596426364M 5x0.8M 10x1.25108.810.25M 10x1.2512.5
2596526365M 6x1.0M 12x1.251210.812.25M 12x1.2514.5
2596626366M 8x1.25M 14x1.51412.814.25M 14x1.516.5
2616626566M 8x1.0M 14x1.51412.814.25M 14x1.516.5
2596726367M 10x1.5M 16x1.51614.7516.25M 16x1.518.5
2616726567M 10x1.25M 16x1.51614.7516.25M 16x1.518.5
2596926369M 12x1.75M 18x1.51816.7518.25M 18x1.520.5
2616926569M 12x1.25M 18x1.51816.7518.25M 18x1.520.5
2597026370M 14x2.0M 20x1.52018.7520.25M 20x1.522.5
2617026570M 14x1.5M 20x1.52018.7520.25M 20x1.522.5
2597126371M 16x2.0M 22x1.52220.522.25M 22x1.524.5
2617126571M 16x1.5M 22x1.52220.522.25M 22x1.524.5
2617226572M 18x1.5M 24x1.52422.524.25M 24x1.526.5
2597326373M 20x2.5M 30x2.0302830.25M 30x2.034.5
2617326573M 20x1.5M 30x2.0302830.25M 30x2.034.5
2617426574M 22x1.5M 32x2.0323032.25M 32x2.036.5
2597526375M 24x3.0M 33x2.0333133.25M 33x2.037.5
2617526575M 24x2.0M 33x2.0333133.25M 33x2.037.5
Welcome to buy the metric stainless carbon steel thin wall key locking threaded inserts in stock from our factory. As one of the leading threaded inserts manufacturers and suppliers in China, we can assure you of the high quality of our products made in China.Metric Key Locking Inserts factory
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