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The local restaurants of Langkawi are a mix of Malaysian and Chinese hospitality. These restaurants have open-air seating cosy ambience and delicious food that attracts travellers all throughout the year. These hotels are some of the best options if you are looking forward to local dishes such as Nasi Lemak grilled seafood and several curries. Most of the eateries here are family owned and run. The recipes have been passed down from generations to generations. As Langkawi caters to visitors from all over the globe, you can find a unique menu here, which consists of Thailand, Japanese, Spanish and French food. However, Langkawi has a reputation for its local dishes, which consists of mainly Malay, and Chinese cuisine as well as fresh seafood like king prawns, lobsters, crabs and fish. These restaurants are open air with dim yellow lighting and candles. You can board a bus from the Langkawi Central Station that will drop you off just5 minutes away from this famous seafood restaurant.


You can book your bus tickets from redbus, which is quite hassle free and saves you from the trouble of standing in long queues for booking tickets.


Maya Sea Food Restaurant


This beautiful restaurant is located on Pantai Tengah Beach. It is a family owned eatery and serves mainly Malay and Thai cuisine. Alternatively, it also serves some authentic Indian dishes. The signature dishes served by these restaurants are chicken curry and fried fish. The owner here is quite friendly and fluent in English. You can ask the chef to prepare the food based on your personal preference. Maya Sea Food Restaurant does not serve alcohol but you are free to bring your own alcohol or beer without any extra charges. The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Monday from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

As many days as I stayed in this beautiful city, I have eaten in this place on a regular basis. Food is simply awesome!! Another thing which is pleasant is you do not have to wait in queues or even wait after you place an order. It is served quickly. I must make a mention that the taste is simply awesome.

Chicken Satay, grilled garlic prawns, currys, chicken steak with gravy and not to miss the Maya bread, are some of the dishes you simply cannot miss. In short this is a great restaurant to visit and I would recommend this to all..


Restoran Siti Fatimah


The hotel is considered one of Langkawi’s oldest restaurants that serve the northern Malay cuisine. It is an open-air buffet setting and is located in Kawasan Mata Air. Locals and tourists frequent the place during lunchtime. It serves as many os 50 Malay dishes such as fried fish, coconut chicken curry, fried chicken and papaya salad. The dishes here have reasonable prices starting from RM5 going upto RM200. You can board an express bus from the Airport that will drop you off at the doorstep of this hotel. The frequency of the buses is every 5 minutes. Hence, it is any day better to travel here by bus than wait for a Cab.



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