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Weihai Idencoder Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a technological enterprise, professional in developing, producing and marketing the Industrial encoder. With the faith “MAKE THE BEST ENCODER IN CHINA, CONTRIBUTE TO THE NATIONAL PRODUCTS”, our company cooperates with Harbin Institute of Technology and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to research and innovate on the encoder. Brought in the high level engineers and strong R&D team, We own independent encoder development engineering laboratory. Several proprietary intellectual property rights, seven software copyrights and one patent have been achieved by IDENCODER.. Two patents for invention are applied on the way.
INDENCODER main products include incremental encoder ,high-end Absolute Encoder and Bus-based. Multi-turn encoder.1213 CANOPEN multi-turns encoder, 1213 Modbus Multi-turn encoder and 485 double output  intelligent  encoder are widely utilization in the lifting equipment, aeronautical and space, Iron and steel industry, port machinery, Health Communications and many other fields in advanced manufacturing industries.
The PROFINET encoder successfully developed has filled a gap in domestic in China.
The products are widely applied in the textile machinery cranes, numerically-controlled machine, automatic, control machine, experimental machine, satellite communication, electric cars, water conservancy project, nuclear power equipment, High-speed rail, wind power, packaging machine, print machine, automatic assembly line and so on.
“Break the foreign monopoly, Contribute to the intelligent manufacture in China”
The intelligent encoders produced by IDENCODER are popular equivalent replacement for similar imported products such as, Japan Koyo TRD-NA series, Japan OMRON E6 series, Germany P+F AVM58 series, ELCO EAC58 series, EAM58 series, SAMA58 series DAMA58 series, CAM58 series and so on.
Weihai Idencoder Electronic Technology Co.,ltd. has set her development goal to be a leader in Chinese Encoder Manufacturing and contribute to the New Age of Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing.Customized Bus Type Encoder
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