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Product Name :
Heavy duty paper shredder
Brief Introduction :
The heavy duty paper shredder adopts single shaft design,with multi square blades.
The single shaft paper shredder is suitable for recycling and breaking A4 paper, A3 A2 A1 documents ,newspaper, waste book, paper rolls , carton,cardboard , edge cutting carton scraps etc.
The heavy duty paper shredder can serves for special plastic recycling company , paper ,corrugated carton paper manufacturer .
Configuration of plastic recycling shredder machine:
Motor : Siemens
Bear : NSK
Gear: Guomao/Boneng
Rotator : solid,45#, mature heating treatment
Blade : DC53,HRC62.
Frame : Q235B/Q345B,heavy duty design
Electric : Siemens
Feature of the heavy duty paper shredder :
1.       Rotator is with water cooling design
2.       Output size of final paper flakes is regular and small , during 20~50mm.
Model And Parameter of heavy duty paper shredder

heavy duty shredding machine factory
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