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Frequency range:87. 5-108MHz (10KH or per request
output power:rated output power
Load impedance:50 Q
Residual radiation:60dB rated carrier,and lmW
Pre-emphasis:25HS,50μs 75 μs (optional)
Carrier frequency stability:≤200Hz (0-40°C)
Frequency setting:Set on the pane is available,
Frequency deviation
( 100% modulation):±75KHz
Audio input level:-13dBm ~ +14dBm
Audio input impedance:600 Q (balanced) or 10KQ (unbalanced)
Frequency response:30Hz ~ 15KHz≤0.3dB
Harmonic distortion:30Hz-15KHz<0. 4%
FM S/N ratio:≥70dB (1KHz,100% modulation)
Spurious amplitude noise:≤-50dB(no modulation)
Sub-carrier suppression:≤-46dB
L/R signal level difference:30Hz-15KHz≤0.4dB
Stereo isolation:30Hz-15KHz≥50dB
Service conditions:
Ambient temperature range:5-40°C
Relative humidity< 95% non-condensing
Atmosphere pressure:86-106Kpa
AC Mains Supply:380V (+15% /-20%), 50Hz±1Hz or per request
Cooling mode:air cooling
Our Factory:
Our factory located in Anshan China. We have concentrated on one stop of R&D and manufacture technical advice of wireless transmission technology application. We guarantee each product of reliable and high quality.
Plant and Equipments ---- AGBE has its own modern industrial park, having 20,000 square meters area of structure and various types of mold, injection, processing, testing and other high-tech equipments.
The talent pool ---- AGBE has perfect talent pool,which includes the independent R&D center, design department, sales department, e-commerce department, purchase department, mold department, injection department, assembly department, QC department, logistics department, after sale department and financial department etc. Now Junjiahao has 10 senior engineers, 15 senior manager, 30 technicians, and 250 well-trained front-line staff.
Quality control system ---- Based on the standard requirements of GB/T19001-2008 quality management system, AGBE compiled the manual, established program file,set up a customer-focused quality management system.
Production Capacity ---- There are six production lines in AGBE. In 2012, the annual production reached 4.27 million pieces, the products are hot sale all over the world, the annual production in 2013 is expected to be 7 million pieces.
Quality and brand ---- Based on our strict quality control system, all the purchased parts must be passed two times tests. Led by the independent technological patents and self-developed products
AGBE's products reached overall qualified rate of 99.5% and got the nation certification CCC, international certifications FCC, CE, RoHS etc.
Honors and obligations ---- under the joint efforts of all colleagues, AGBE gained the "China Famous Brand" and the other honors. Also, AGBE never forgets its society responsibility. From support the local volunteer organization, to organize activities to visit the orphanage and the homes for the elderly;from support the bridge and road project in poor area, to donate for the reconstruction of the Wenchuan and Ya an where suffered from terrible earthquake; AGBE made its due contribution and has been highly recognized by the community;
Q1:What is FM transmitter?
An FM transmitter is a device that can convert audio contents from any audio source such as MP3,Cellphone,Computer etc. to signals that transmits out in FM band, the signals can be picked up by any radio receivers that uses the same frequency at the other end.
Q2:How does FM transmitter work?
Firstly connect the audio source to FM transmitter, the audio signals will be converted to FM signals and broadcast out through the antenna via tuned frequency, people at the other end use a radio receiver to hear the audio by tuning to the same frequency.
Q3:How to choose antenna for transmitter?
Usually we need to check the maximum RF power that the antenna can afford, then use the antenna with transmitter that broadcasts at or below the antenna MAX.RF Power.
Q4:How many frequencies can I use in one transmitter?
Most of our transmitter are in normal FM frequency band(87~108mhz), you can change to any frequency within this band. Use one frequency at one time.China Fm Transmitter
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