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AppearanceLight yellow   powder
Type:Animal   sourced,(NH4)CL Type
Total amino acid:42-48%min.
Total Organic matter:50%min.
Ammonium Chloride:50%max
pH value4-6
Product efficacies:
lRapidly correct nutrients deficiencies.
lHelp to increase chlorophyll concentration which makes crops lush.
lHelp plants improve absorption of macro and trace nutrients through favoring the opening of stomas.
lAs chelating agents help the absorption and transportation of micronutrients inside the plant getting easier.
lAs equilibrium of soil microbial flora to improve mineralization of the organic matter.

Note: Add the required amount of product to a sprayer tank which filled with half volume of water, stir evenly, then add the other water and mix equality.
Apply in early morning or late evening, avoiding spraying in rain, high winds, or extreme temperature conditions.

Package & Delivery
Package: 20kg net plastic coated paper bags lining inside
Delivery Date: within 15 days after receive the buyer’s payment.

Storage & transportation
Storage Amino Total must be kept in sealed (air tight) containers at all times for its hygroscopic feature and should be stored out of direct sunlight and preferably in a dry and cool place.
Validity: 3 yearsAmino Acid factory
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