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About SunSlew
Jiangyin SunSlew—Professional slewing drive research and development manufacturer.
SunSlew is the professional slewing drive research and development manufacturer,which are widely applied on new energy(single and dual axis PV/CPV/CSP solar tracking system,wind power),engineering machinery(marine crane,aerial working platform,truck crane,drilling rig,rotary forklift,modular vehicle,automatic assembly line, vacuum truck), satellite receiver and other fields.
In the development of new productions constantly updated, Our slewing drives are designed with slewing ring and hourglass worm shaft, from the traditional point contact to surface contact, which has the advantage of strong output torque, smooth rotation and wear-resisting for bearing higher radial& axial load and tilting moment torque.
There are kinds of models of productions in our company from 3’’ to 25’’(raceway Dia.).The slewing drive can be customized to meet the special requirement for new energy and engineering machinery application .Our production are being chosen by customers abroad and home with reliable quality and reputation.
2.Enterprise Culture
Winning Customers With Quality
Creating Value With Prestige,
Seeking Development With Innovation
SunSlew perseveres in the management concept of quality first, adheres to the "high grade, high quality, high credibility" service approach.We creat kinds of productions and meet various design requirements with continuous development and innovation.SunSlew belives,the working team get together to send out a youth, exciting and charm so that create value for customers and “face—face”  sincerely.According to this way ,SunSlew will go further toward a higher target.
SunSlew has passed the ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification.
Our products is achieved approval CE certification.
4.Products Center
(1)Slewing Drive (sed,Open Housing,Vertical,Dual Axis,Dual Worm,Precise)
Hourglass worm slewing drive is based on the slewing bearing with strong tilting moment torque and static self-locking function.Much tooth contact surface is designed specially for driving high load.
(2)Worm Drive
Worm Drive— Higher wear-resistance of worm gear drive,which will load strong output torque and tilting moment torque with the well performance of stability and reliability.The worm drive is also available for higher tracking precise field.
(3)Spur Drive
Supar Drive has the advantage of transmiting load more quickly with higher efficiency and energy conservation.
(1)Solar Tracking System:Single/Dual axis PV solar tracking, Concentrating Photovoltaic—CPV/H-CPV, Solar Dish Thermal Power,Parabolic Trough System
Wind Power
(2)Engineering Machinery
Marine Crane,Aerial Working Platfrom,Mounted Crane Truck,Drilling rig,Rotary Forklift, Modular Vehicle,Automatic Assembly Line, Vacuum TruckChina SQ25 Gear Speed Reducer
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