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EDJ Packaged Electric & Diesel Hydrant Booster Fire Fighting Pump System
Packaged fire fighting pump has components like below:
A. Diesel Fire Pump + Electric Fire Pump + Jockey Pump
B. Diesel Fire Pump + Jockey Pump
C. Electric Fire Pump + Jockey Pump
1. Double suction split case centrifugal type
2. End suction centrifugal type
3. Horizontal multistage centrifugal type
4. Vertical turbine pump with right angle gear box
5. Self-priming centrifugal pump
6. Jockey pump-vertical multistage centrifugal pump
Configuration Brand :
1. Diesel engine: Cummings or China brand(fan cool water radiator or heat exchange )
2. Electric motor: SIEMENS, WEG, ABB or China brand  (IP55  IP54  IP44  IP23)
3. Mechanical seal: Burgmann,John crane or China brand
4. Bearing: SKF,NSK,TNT or China brand
5. Coupling type: Pin,diaphragm,cardan link
6. Electrical components for Controller:ABB,SIEMENS,Schneider or China brandDiesel Fire Pump Package factory
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