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Men soccer goalkeeper glove junior match gloves football goalie glove cheap price
Product Information:
The soccer gloves Standing between the two sticks to catch a ball coming at you 65-80 miles per hour requires a trained eye, fast reflexes, beautiful moves and some good keeper gloves.As one of the most creative players on the team, keepers twist, jump, reach and produce massive crowd eruptions from those brilliant saves. There's no magic to keeping your fingers injury free, but there are soccer gloves, which are designed specifically to keep that worry away.
All round grip design provides a soft, cushioned surface without sacrificing grip
Positive cut offers a larger surface area to ensure positive contact
Vented wrist cuff and full-wrap wrist strap provide an ideal fit
spines stiffen and resist pressure when pushed backward for more effective ball deflection
Ideal for matches on any surface
SizeHand length
#1020cm-21cmdiscount Soccer Glove
asked Mar 10 in Chemistry by anonymous

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