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The Suzuki Jimny is a line of small four-wheel drive off-road cars and mini SUVs made by the Japanese automaker Suzuki produced since April 1970. Our disc brake pads can be working well with your beloved car.
Description of this brake pad:
Item No.:D660
Car Brand:            Suzuki Jimny
Material:Ceramic/low metallic,Semi-metallic,NAO(as per your requirement)
Size:OEM standard size
Color:Black or according to customer’s requirement)
MOQ:1000 sets
Quality:OEM Quality
Friction coefficient:F/F (0.36-0.45)
Guarantee:30000-50000 kms
Packing:1.shrink film & box & carton & pallet (4pcs/set, 1set/boxes)
2.neutral packing or with your brand
Sample delivery:5-7 days
The service life of the common brake pads is below 60 thousand kilometers, and the service life of the ceramic brake pads is more than 100 thousand kilometers. It is because of the unique formula of ceramic brake pads using only 1 to 2 with electrostatic powder and other materials are without static materials. The service life of ceramic materials is more than 50% higher than that of ordinary semi metal. After using the ceramic brake pads, no scraping grooves (scratches) can be found on the brake disc, and the service life of the original brake disc 20% is prolonged.Suzuki Brake Pads manufacturers
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