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We supply Box type FBT coupler.This product passed  ISO9000 quality system certification  certification.We devoted Ourselves to FTTH product many years.We are expecting
became your-long-term partner in China.
1. Features of the box type FBT coupler
Ø Low Insertion loss
Ø Wide Operating Wavelength
Ø Compact Size
Ø&Excellent Environmental & Mechanical Stability
2. Box type FBT coupler applications
ØFTTX Systems
Ø LAN, WAN and Metro Networks
Ø Analog/Digital Passive Optical Networks
Ø CATV Networks
Ø Subscriber Loop
Ø Fiberoptic Instruments
Ø Fiber Sensors
Ø Other applications in fiber optic systems
3. Box type FBT coupler test data
1/2*N(N≥3)bare unitNum.1*31*41*51*61*71*81*91*101*151*161*19
4. Box type FBT coupler product size(mm)
4.  Workship&details of the Box type FBT coupler
There are 495 staff at least with technical secondary school degree, among which 1 Dr, more than 28 engineers and above. We have more than 4500 square meters of purification workshop .

5. Deliver shippingandafter-sale-service of the Box type FBT coupler
1)What Is FBT Splitter?
FBT splitter is based on a traditional technology to weld several fiber together from side of the fiber. Fibers are aligned by heating for a specific location and length. Because the fused fibers are very fragile, they are protected by a glass tube made of epoxy and silica powder. And then a stainless steel tube covers the inner glass tube and is sealed by silicon. As the technology continues developing, the quality of FBT splitter is very good and it can be applied in a cost-effective way.

8. Latest news
NEC supplying 10G-EPON for KDDI’s au Hikari Home 10 Giga FTTH service
March 26, 2018
By Sara K. Madden
NEC Corp. (NEC; TSE: 6701) said it will supply a 10G-EPON system to support KDDI Corp.'s au Hikari Home 10 Giga fiber to the home (FTTH) service to enable upstream and downstream speeds of up to 10 Gbps.
OLT, of which NEC's 10G-EPON system is comprised.
ONU, of which NEC's 10G-EPON system is comprised.
NEC attests that the au Hikari Home 10 Giga high-speed service enables the fastest existing upstream and downstream speeds, referencing an Ovum report stating that "As of 15 January 2018, a 10-Gbps symmetrical residential mass market FTTH service offering at $100 or less would represent the fastest and least expensive offering available."
NEC's 10G-EPON system comprises an optical network unit (ONU) installed within individual subscribers' homes and an optical line terminal (OLT) installed in KDDI facilities. An OLT is the size of a 4U 19-inch rack, with small, high-density packaging, and supports as many as 8,192 ONUs to minimize the space necessary for installation by telecommunications carriers.
To conserve installation space inside subscribers' homes, along with storage space for telecommunications carriers, the ONU's volume has been reduced to 65% less than NEC's typical products, the company says.
NEC will use the Fiber Optics Expo 2018 (FOE 2018) in Tokyo, April 4-6, 2018, to debut its 10G-EPON system.
"The need for high-speed and large-capacity Internet is expected to continue rising with the sophistication and high-definition of content and the increase in mobile data traffic such as Wi-Fi offload," said Kazuhiro Tagawa, NEC's deputy general manager, network solutions division. "In addition to this 10G-EPON system for KDDI, NEC will continue to work on the development of optical access technologies that support the strengthening of telecommunications carrier services."
This offering follows an announcement last week that the SJC2 consortium, of which KDDI is a part, signed an agreement with NEC to construct a 10,500-km high-performance submarine cable (see "NEC to build submarine cable for Southeast Asia–Japan 2 consortium").FBT Coupler suppliers
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