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Qingdao Kinglonda Rubber & Plastics Technology Co., Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing and supplying extruded and molded products for decades and accumulated abundant experience in this area. To be the world factory is our vision in the next ten years.
For extrusion profiles, we have multiple production lines with strong production capacity that can meet your changing needs. Our products made from EPDM, PVC, PP, Silicone, TPE, and TPV have been widely applied in various industries, including:
● Automotive
● Marine and Defense
● Building and Construction● Engineering and Machinery
● Wind power and Solar Power
● Stored and transported Container
Our powerful machines can produce standard and custom extrusion profiles in different forms, which can meet your given application with our superb post processing techniques such as static flocking and welding joint. Below is a sampling of extrusion profiles that we can provide:
● Single extrusions
● Flexible/ Rigid Extrusions
● Dual/Three/Four compound extrusions● Sponge extrusions
● Self adhesive extrusions
● Extruded rubber fenders
In terms of molded products, we can supply the standard and custom parts made from Silicone, EPDM, NBR, SBR, CR, FKM/Viton or other synthetic rubber and plastics.
● Rubber mounts
● Gaskets/Washers● Buffers/Bungs
● Vibration Dampers / Rubber mounts
For extruded and molded products, we can impart the know-how during the designing and applying of new products with different quality to you. Our rich experience and successful cases can help you determine the design, material selection and availability of your product or give you the optimum choice.
Therefore, just send your drawing and specification to us, and you will get satisfactory products. From material selection and purchasing to manufacturing, QC and transportation, we will get the job done. If you cooperate with us, all your work will be designing and selling, and we will do the rest and do the best. Both large and small batches of products to be customized are welcomed---Kinglonda company will be the world factory, and will be your factory.Co-extruded Rubber Seals manufacturers
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