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1.Product Introduction
Complex shapes with thin walls but a high level of strength are all possible in the same part when you choose state-of-the-art, automatic zinc die cast services. Zinc extends die life and provides top thermal and electrical conductivity while offering you an environmentally friendly development process. PowerWinx provide high quality zinc die casting service for more than 10 years. PowerWinx's in-house zinc die casting service offers various production capabilities with both dependable and cost effective. We have advance technology to produce zinc die casting parts. The parts are with complicated structure and shapes. And, our die casting parts are with thin wall sections, smooth surface, high strength and impact resistance. All die casting parts are produced with high accurate dimension.
Die casting machineDie casting mould
2.Product Details
PowerWinx is a professional manufacturer of die cast precision components. Our engineers offer design solutions for a variety of industries including consumer electronics, automotive, healthcare, and more.
Compared to aluminum and magnesium alloy die casing, zinc die casting parts can be obtained with much precision in dimension, complicated in part structure , thinner wall section, and durable in application. On the other hand, it is quite easy to perform secondary machining and surface treatment. Like CNC machining, drilling, sand blasting, electroplating, etc.
Zinc die casting service
3. Specification
Item nameChina zinc die casting service supplier
MaterialZinc alloy
Surface finishPowder coating, painting, etc...
L/T25-30 days for mould and 7-10 days for sample
Size200*85 mm
PackingSafety packing
ApplicationTools housing
4.Part Features
4-1. High thermal conductivity
4-2. High quality finishing
4-3. Durable
4-4. Dimensional accuracy

5.Business Advantage
1. High quantity custom-made parts
2. Fast delivery
3. Advanced machine
4. Experienced team
5. ISO 9001 certified
1: What industries does PowerWinx serve?
As an OEM manufacturer, we can serve all kinds of industries as long as drawings are provided for us to quote.
2: What materials does PowerWinx use for die casting?
We are capable to use aluminum, zinc and magnesium for die casting process.
3: What's the payment term?
50% T/T deposit, 50% balance by T/T before shipment
4: Can you sign my NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) ?
Yes, your information is safe with us. We have no problem signing your NDA.Customized Zinc Die Casting
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