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What we can do for making Intelligent Curtains Plastic Mold?
Last year, Deep Mould supported our French customer to make intelligent curtains controller plastic parts.
It was a serious molds with different exchangeable cavity and core blocks. Total 12 versions of plastic parts,the white parts’ raw material were ABS,the black parts’ raw material were PA66+GF30%,all molds’ life will be 1,000,000 shots.
We can make different kinds of plastic parts which you needed.
We have the outsourcing machines-Haitian brand from 90T up to 500T, 600T,800T,1000T, 1200T, 1500T, 2000T,2500T,3500Tons in sizes which helped us to provide a full range of plastic molded service for our global customers.
The advantage of Deep Mould in intelligent curtains plastic mold:
• Provide full service before project start, provide technique information for part analysis.
• Provide free cost for moldflow analysis and design for manufacture analysis.
• Full service of good communication for technique and English.China Plastic Injection Molding factory
asked Aug 19 in Biology by anonymous

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