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While the wide range of Food Processing Machine available can be classified and categorized in several different ways—e.g., end product form, mode of operation, application, etc.—this article follows industry standards and groups them by their respective functions.

The food processing production cycle can be broken into several stages, characterized by a specific function and during which individual unit operations are performed. For example, within the preparation stage, the primary function is to prepare the food material for further processing, and some of the unit operations performed include washing and separating. Other secondary functions provide support to the primary functions of the production cycle, such as material handling and system control operations which convey food materials between process stations or maintain the required processing conditions and standards, respectively.

Preparation Equipment

adumbrated previously, aural the aliment processing assembly cycle, antecedent basic operations focus on advancing the raw aliment actual for consecutive processes—typically automated or actinic processing—by amid the adorable actual from the low quality, substandard, or abominable material. In accomplishing so, manufacturers are bigger able to ensure the assembly of compatible and high-quality aliment and aliment products, as able-bodied as abolish adopted amount and contaminants which may abase or accident the aliment actual or equipment.

Some of the assemblage operations which manufacturers apply during the raw actual alertness date cover cleaning, sorting, grading, or case (or skinning). Table 1 beneath describes some of the basic assemblage operations and outlines the accessories acclimated to assassinate them.

Mechanical Processing Equipment

Mechanical processing operations are active (without the appliance of calefaction or chemicals) to reduce, enlarge, homogenize, or contrarily change the concrete anatomy of solid, semi-solid, and aqueous aliment matter. By altering the anatomy and admeasurement of the aliment matter, manufacturers can facilitate and access the ability and capability of consecutive processes, advance the all-embracing superior and edibility, and acquiesce for a greater ambit of aliment articles to be produced.

Heat Processing Equipment

Depending on whether the appliance (and the specific assemblage operation) is aimed appear heating or cooling the aliment material, calefaction alteration accessories can be acclimated to absolute calefaction appear or abroad from the material, respectively. This area of the commodity will focus primarily on the applications and accessories aimed appear heating aliment products, while the afterward section—Preservation Equipment—will blow on the applications and accessories aimed appear cooling aliment products, as able-bodied as those advised to bottle and extend the shelf activity of aliment products.

Heat processing equipment—i.e., accessories which heats food—can could could cause not alone concrete changes in the aliment material, but chemical, biochemical, and biological changes as well. These changes can transform and affect the all-embracing superior of the consistent aliment products—such as by altering the actinic anatomy or acceptable the flavor—and serve as a canning adjustment by inhibiting or antibacterial the microorganisms or enzymes which could could cause spoilage.

Preservation Equipment

As indicated above, many of the heat processing operations used in the food processing industry demonstrate preservative qualities. Although there is significant overlap between heat processing equipment and preservation equipment, the previous section already covers the former category—i.e., preservation methods (and their respective equipment) which apply heat. Therefore, this section will focus on other preservation methods, processes, and equipment.

The preservation stage of the food processing production cycle ultimately aims to prevent or inhibit the spoilage and increase the shelf life of food products. There is a wide range of preservation methods available ranging from refrigeration to irradiation, each of which acts to destroy microorganisms and enzymes within the food material or, at the very least, limit and depress their activity.

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