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No matter you are a college student or a high school student, you are always buried by the homework, projects, and term papers. What is worse, even it seems that you understood everything in the classroom, the problems may still be elusive when you are facing them by yourself late night. If you can discuss with people who know the topic, or find some hint about the problems, the life will be much easier. You will understand the topic better and also finish with a better grade. You need a tutor or office hour 24/7. This site is just what you want. In, you can ask questions, you can answer questions, and you can search questions and find answers. It's a place where students help students.

For professors, teachers and TAs

You give lectures, you hold office hours, but when you are grading homework, the result is still a mess. Does it sound familiar? Your students worked very hard, but they need practice to really master the subject. However, the schedules of today's students are all very tight with so many commitments. When they finally sit down to face the homework, it is always late night and no one to help them. Email might help, but never enough. You also don't have enough time to answer every email with similar questions. Why not have a combined virtual office hour? Then everyone (you, other people who are teaching the similar course, other students who are taking or have taken the course) can answer the questions and help your student to really learn.

Spread the words

The more people discuss together, the bigger the question bank. Then the chance that you will find an answer by searching the past questions or by asking the new question will be greater. Get everyone involved, your classmates, you friends, your teacher, your TA, and your professor. It's people helping people.

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The Homework Center is following the format of question and answer. All the questions are categorized with College--> Major --> Course. If you find your major or course is not listed, please let us know by sending a message to us. We are also looking for people to facilitate the majors or courses. Please join us.

It's recommended to first search question before asking one. Even the small courses will have hundreds or thousands students if we count the schools of entire country. So chances are someone might have already asked before. On the other hand, if you have an answer never published or a different approach to a question already answered, just share it. You will help a lot of other students. You will earn a lot of respect and points too. You can pick the answer you like and mark it as adopted. It will help improve the rating of the person who answered your question. It is also a small token of appreciation.

Math Equations

The editor of the site is integrated with Equation Editor. Simply click the button marked with fx<\it>, then an equation and symbol window will show up. Click the buttons to select the right symbol and expression you want. The preview is shown at the bottom of the window and the Latex format text will be shown in the middle section. When you are done with OK, the Latex format will be shown, but the math equation will be generated whenever the question or answer is shown.



Don't wait till the last night before the homework is due. It will be unrealistic to expect someone will answer your question in 5 minutes. Try it the same day when the homework is given. You will the have quite a few days to work on it.
Welcome to Homework Center ! You can ask any question about your homework, project, and term paper. You can also answer any question to help your peers. You can also ask your professors or TA to help you or everyone out here. Check the categories to find the right course.
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